Campus Organizations

Riviko is an app developed to support college organizations and clubs.

Many students miss going to your events either because they don’t know what your organization is or hears about the event too late.

You might find yourself in the same situation, missing out on fun events you never knew was happening.

With Riviko, we don’t want students to miss your organization's events. We’ll make sure your events will receive more exposure to students and increase attendance.

Clubs will be given permission to post events. Probably, We have already added your organization in Riviko for you to claim and manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Riviko?

  • Search ‘Riviko’ on App Store or download through this link.

What platform is Riviko available?

  • Currently, it is only available through Apple App Store.

How to sign up to manage my organization/club?

  • First, download Riviko on App Store.
    1. Login with Facebook
    2. Go to ‘MORE’ screen
    3. Go to ‘Manage Events’
    4. Go to ‘Claim your Organization’
    5. Select your club and send a request

How can an organization member post an event?

  • Once we verify you are a member of your organization, we will send you a push notification that you were accepted to manage your organization.
    1. Go to ‘MORE’ screen
    2. Go to ‘Manage Events’ screen
    3. Tap ‘Create Event’ button

Can we accept online payments to sell tickets and membership on Riviko?

  • Absolutely. Students can buy your tickets and memberships by using their Credit Card. However, we’ll require some informations about your organization representative in order to initiate payouts.
  • What are the information requirements for organization/club representative?
    • Full name
    • Full address
    • Date of birth
    • Last 4 digits of individual’s Social Security Number
    • Organization or club bank account

Is there a fee to accept online payments?

  • It is absolutely free for event organisers. However, to help operate the Riviko app, we charge a small service fee on your customers.
  • For example, if you are selling a ticket for $10 then your customer might have to pay $10 + $0.99 (service fee). And, you'll receive $10.

How can we contact Riviko Support?

  • We are eager to receive feedback from all sorts of organizations, because we are on the mission to develop the best possible app experience for organizations and students. For further information, queries or suggestions please email us at